to coinbase

I tried switching from to coinbase how do you recover from a wallet without the privacy key


Same issue. Needing help as well.

I need help with the same issue as well.

I talked to crypto .com support and they have suspended withdrawals of iotx…he said once they come back online your transaction should go through to coinbase…

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So they are going to convert the coin for us? That doesn’t sound right…

he said the address I used would work for the iotx i sent

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Hello. This morning I sent IOTX from to Coinbase but it is still pending …

Does it always take this long? How do I get this sped up? Or even get it completed?

Hi did u ever got it completed? Did you use native or w3 address? I have same similar thanks

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Hi all, trades IOTX tokens on the native blockchain (IoTeX Network), while Coinbase trades IOTX tokens on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 token), this means that your Coinbase deposit address only shows your deposits to that address on the Ethereum blockchain, and won’t show any tokens on other networks (including tokens that you had on, which are located in the IoTeX blockchain, not Ethereum).

Long story short: if you withdrew then your transaction has succeeded (not pending) and this happens in 5 seconds on IoTeX. Unfortunately, Coinbase won’t show you the tokens (for the reason explained above), but since they are the owners of that deposit address (they own the private key) they control your tokens now.
Whether Will they send you back the tokens or not is up to them. There are lots of discussions about Coinbase (as well as all other Exchanges not taking care of sending back tokens mistakenly transferred on the wrong network, unfortunately, we don’t control exchanges’ addresses and we cannot help.)

I understand very well that our tokens are now in the custody of Coinbase, but I also believe that by working together we can reach a solution. I ask you, IoTeX team, to join us “trapped” customers to try to convince the Coinbase team to support your blockchain: in my opinion this would be the easiest way to go, and it would solve everyone’s problem in one moment! Your help may not be direct, but indirectly you could help us tremendously. Let’s stop bouncing the blame between us, you, Coinbase,, Binance, etc … and let’s start working together! I would like to avoid going to a lawyer, it would not be good for anyone, but I want you to know that I am firmly determined and will use any means necessary to get my money back. Thanks

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Well, I got caught in this as well. Usually I send a small amount first but didn’t this time. $5k sitting in la-la land until Coinbase decides to add native support. Hopefully it doubles or triples while I wait and Coinbase adds the network. Here is an excerpt of what support said.

“In the longer term, Coinbase may, in the future, support transactions via the network you used. If that’s ever the case, you can contact Coinbase Support and we’ll work to help you retrieve your funds.”

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