Crypto Education & Investment Firm

Working on something big. Wanting IoTeX’s permission for my project. I already have classes with some guidance to help me accomplish this goal, but I will need help with coding, building the backbones, and building GUI for ease of usage for beginners. For now, I’m not asking for funding, but will possibly do so. I’m wanting some feedback first, build some activity around the project. Everyone of us got into crypto in some form. I started in trading, and then worked into mining and node programs, learned a bit along the way. Not everyone can afford to invest a huge amount to invest into crypto, myself included. This is exactly where the idea came from, and now I’m upping it a little more. All I’m asking is for feedback, and maybe some support aka help along this journey. Ground is where it’s starting, and Only way to go is To The Moon, that way we at least land in the stars. God Bless & Love to my IoTeXian family.

As for the Project… Crypto Education & Investment Firm with DEX attached. My goal is to teach new comers, those interested, and making Investing as smooth as silk, by Educating with mining programs, node programs, and knowing which cryptos to get into. The DEX will have the cryptos that are new projects, other cryptos that the other exchanges don’t or won’t list, to a degree. The DEX will promote and support IoTeX and projects from IoTeX. The Education part of the project will promote and support IoTeX and other projects from IoTeX. By providing the essentials thru Education, Investments are easier to make, because of having the proper information needed to make the Investments wisely. Along with the Education side of the Firm, new comers and those interested will be introduced to mining, nodes, and staking programs to help keep investment costs to a minimum while providing the possible maximum gains. I hope this helps to understand better what I’m trying to create and accomplish.

Usage of Grant Funding will provide the needed Funding to help pay the programmers, and those involved in this project. The Grant Funding will also help support the project financially to help keep things like hosting, taxes, and all other fees incurred. The end goal is to make it where I can return the favor to others, paying it forward.

I hope this helps to better understand what I’m offering to the IoTeX Community and IoTeX Team. Please leave feedback. This is a project that will continue to grow. Have a wonderful day my IoTeXian Family. God Bless.

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