DApps on the IoTeX Network (Part I)

Alongside the launch of IoTeX Mainnet Beta last week, we are excited to see amazing growth in the number and sophistication of DApps being launched on the IoTeX Network. Our blockchain infrastructure is more robust than ever, powering creative DApps, tools, and marketplaces from the IoTeX community.

With IoTeX, it is easy to design DApps that are both expressive and scalable. Building and launching DApps on the IoTeX Network – high usability, low transaction fees, minimal latency, instant finality, support of the latest EVM, and much more.

In this blog, we showcase some of the great IoTeX DApps - make sure to try them out and share!


ioPay (iopay.iotex.io) is the IoTeX desktop / mobile wallet. It is a great option for users who frequently send tokens, vote for Delegates, and interact with XRC20 tokens or smart contracts. IoTeX has greatly enhanced the security and usability of the wallet – with native IOTX staking coming soon, now is the best time to get ioPay!

IoTeX Desktop Wallet

Note: Similar to other cryptocurrency wallets, public/private keys are managed by the user. Make sure to store your keys locally via private key or keystore file to re-use / unlock a specific wallet.

Download at iopay.iotex.io

As an alternative, you can also access IoTeX Online Wallet here: iotexscan.io/wallet


Do you have any creative ideas? Do you want to get your hands dirty? Starting from our codelabs! Codelabs provide guided, tutorial, hands-on coding experiences for IoTeX developers. Most codelabs will step you through the process of building a small application, or adding a new feature to an existing application. They cover a wide range of topics such as Node Operation, Smart Contracts, dApps, and more.

Website: codelabs.iotex.io

VITA Token

Website: iotex.io/vita

VitaToken (iotex.io/vita) is the first cryptocurrency (XRC-20 token) on IoTeX blockchain. There are many community-facing products and DApps powered by VITA, VitaMart, TrustDice, and VitaBot. Vita is unique because it does not have any pre-mining or pre-allocation. It is purely generated from all holders of IoTeX. It can be considered very decentralized cryptocurrency running on IoTeX network.


VitaMart (vitamart.io) is the first IoT marketplace to run entirely on the IoTeX blockchain. VitaMart lets you review the latest IoT products, providing valuable feedback on cool gadgets – the best part is you get to keep the products for free / at best price! VITA token, the first IoTeX Network Token, will power VitaMart across many decentralized use cases. Check out the new and improved VitaMart today.

Website: vitamart.io

VITA Page: iotex.io/vita


Beancount.io is an online double-entry accounting tool. It records your financial transactions in text files, visualizes them into financial statements (e.g., income statement, balance sheet, trial balance), and helps you live a better financial life. Best of all, native IOTX is used as a utility token to power the DApp. Users are able to pay IOTX in exchange for Beancount credits.

Website: beancount.io

Available plans: beancount.io/pricing


Cisky ( cisky.io) is a decentralized P2P flight status prediction market platform built on IoTeX blockchain, where users can buy and sell contracts that bet on the status of airline flights. With security provided by smart contracts, auto-claim settlement provided by Oracle, and low prices from free-market competition, Cisky is disrupting the traditional flight insurance industry. Currently Cisky Alpha is live for testing – download the APK from cisky.io.

Website: cisky.io/

Video Tutorial: youtu.be/SP5W9aEpFBs

Smart Contract: github.com/ciskyproject/cisky-contract


TrustDice (trustdice.win/dice) is one of the most popular online decentralized games. Launched in October 2018, TrustDice uses blockchain technology for fairness – all transactions within TrustDice are registered through smart contracts, which guarantee full transparency and demonstrable impartiality. More than 68 million USD of cryptocurrencies have been wagered on TrustDice on EOS, BTC, and now IoTeX (IOTX, VITA)!

Website: trustdice.win/dice


BetIoTeX (pokerdice.betiotex.com) is an online betting game, which offers a fair and rewarding gaming platform for the IoTeX community. BetIoTeX focus on decentralization, and every betting transaction is processed on-chain! In addition, users are able to constantly claim payouts by simply staking their BITX tokens.

Website: pokerdice.betiotex.com


Vitabot is a collection of bots in different communication tools, discord, telegram, and other future large sized communities. It supports IOTX and VITA tipping, vitadrop (random airdrop). Check it out on discord and telegram.

Use Vitabot now:

  • Ping @TheVitaBot on telegram
  • Join Discord to start


Tipping bot on twitter (twitter.com/iotxplorer_bot) is built by the iotxplorer team. If you want to tip any twitter user for their great tweets or replies, simply type in the following command on Twitter. The bot will do the rest for you :stuck_out_tongue:

@iotxplorer_bot !tip 100 IOTX @someone

Where to find TwitterBot: twitter.com/iotxplorer_bot