Data itransmit per day / month=

Hi IoTeX community,

I ordered a few Pebble Trackers, do you know how much data it will transmit per day / month?

In my country (Croatia), the LTE-M / NB-IoT network is just starting, mobile operators (T-Mobile and A1) are just introducing this service and they are offering this service with a monthly data consumption of 500kb or1mb.

Hi sir I Don’t know much knowledge about pebble and iot network may can join telegram and ask there

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Hi Zaja, thank you for your post.
For reasons that have to do with battery saving, the data consumption is currently on the “high side” (should be around 3 Mb / day). This is with the default firmware that sends data points every 5 minutes. Different Dapps could have custom configurations with less frequent data transfers, but still, I think it’s too high for your plan.

IoTeX will soon provide a SIM card for you to buy with a much better data plan, but unfortunately, Croatia is currently not covered (possibly because as you said they are just getting started with the infrastructure).

But please keep us updated if you find other sim cards that work for you, we will start a pinned topic where we collect feedback from all countries about what SIM cards work best and whatnot. You don’t have to necessarily find a sim card from a local provider, also a global provider that supports your Country would work.


Thanks for the reply,
yes … that’s a lot of data. I was contacted today from T-mobile and they say they could adjust the tariff, I am waiting for details.
I also contacted 1nce to point out that two mobile operators in Croatia already support the NB-IoT and LTE-M network, so perhaps the possibility that in the near future the coverage will be extended to Croatia will open up.

Here are the links:
T-mobile Croatia
A1 Croatia

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Great news about 1nce and Croatia NB-IoT coverage. Regarding the above mentioned mail I sent them, here is part of the response I received from them today, it sounds promising. :slightly_smiling_face:

“You are right, our coverage is constantly expanding.
Regarding NB-IoT in Croatia: the negotiations are ongoing. I expect that NB-IoT will be confirmed in Q1 2022.”

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