Delegate of the Month (DOTM) #1 — Congrats to our Winners

Over the first four months of IoTeX Mainnet, the pool of Consensus Delegates has grown from 12 to 36 and we have welcomed a total of 60+ Delegates. As the IoTeX ecosystem continues to expand, it’s also important to reflect on our progress and reward those that have supported our growth.

This is the reason we created the Delegate of the Month (DOTM) program. Today, we are proud to share the results of the first DOTM vote, which concluded this past week! The IoTeX community has spoken, and here are the top voted Delegates (including a 4-way tie for 5th place!) :

DOTM #1 Winners

  1. iotxplorer (18.4%)
  2. IoTeX Lab (14.5%)
  3. IoTask (9.2%)
  4. IoTeX Geeks (7.9%)
  5. IoTeXTeam , GameFantasy , IoTeX Union , IOSG (7.2% each)

Please see our previous post for the full list of Delegate contributions!

Note: DOTM #1 voting covers Delegate contributions from April to July 2019. Updated since original announcement due to votes cast after deadline.

What’s Next?

Each DOTM winner will receive 5 million votes from IoTeX Foundation (note: the four Delegates tied for 5th place will split the 5 million votes evenly) , top placement on , and a permanent DOTM badge. These DOTM perks will be put into place by the end of August.

The next DOTM vote will begin at the end of September, covering the months of August and September. Until then, be sure to stay up to date on all Delegates and follow our official channels for more announcements!