Did I miss the token swap?

I recently found out about the token swap and was wondering if I can still take part or if I missed the boat. If it’s not too late can you please give me some direction as to how to go about it at this point.



  1. swape your IOTX ERC-20 tokens via ioTube http://tube.iotex.io/
  2. deposit IOTX ERC-20 to Binance and receive native IOTX in return

Am I understanding correctly that these are two separate options to convert my old tokens to the new? Or two steps to the same action? I am in USA and cannot access Binance and I don’t believe IOTX is supported on Binance U.S.
Also would like a little more detail on the precise steps if you can provide it.

  1. swape your IOTX ERC-20 tokens to wrapped IOTX via ioTube http://tube.iotex.io/, check this video https://t.me/IoTeX_Tutorial/30
  2. swap WIOTX to IOTX 1: 1 on mimo DEX via ioPay wallet http://mimo.exchange/

Hey Sergey,

I’m still struggling with this. Everything is working as the video shows until I click on “Approve”. When I do, my MetaMask opens and wants my approval, but I cannot select “Confirm”. Only things like edit permission and view full transaction details. On ioTube, the “Convert” button is grayed out as well. What might I be doing wrong?

Thanks again for your help.

Never mind :blush: I didn’t have enough ETH in my wallet for the gas. Success! Thank you.