Do you know about Reward Pool?

IoTeX launched with interesting design - reward pool – where all gas fees and donations (including all potential sources of coins) can go into and from where all Roll-DPoS reward (e.g., block reward, epoch bonus and so on) come. 12% of the total native IOTX has been deposited into this pool as planned. The pool looks lie below.

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 10.42.43 AM

ioctl command-line tool has such an interesting command to donate IOTX to this pool.

  ioctl action deposit AMOUNT_IOTX [DATA] [-s SIGNER] [-l GAS_LIMIT] [-p GASPRICE] [-P PASSWORD] [-y] [flags]

  -y, --assume-yes          answer yes for all confirmations
  -l, --gas-limit uint     set gas limit
  -p, --gas-price string   set gas price (unit: 10^(-6)IOTX), use suggested gas price if input is "0" (default "1")
  -h, --help               help for deposit
  -n, --nonce uint         set nonce (default using pending nonce)
  -P, --password string    input password for account
  -s, --signer string      choose a signing account

Made my donation for fun -