Do you own smart devices? Which ones, besides smartphones?

  • Smart watch
  • Smart speakers
  • Smart light bulbs
  • Smart fridge
  • Other (share in replies!)

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As far as I am an IoT and MachineFi fan I would like to have as more smart devices at my life as possible🤔


im using a smart watch(its not that smart as iwatch or galaxy watch) i would happy to see a smart watch that connects IOT and Machinefi


I believe that it does not depend on the brand you have
One day even apple and samsung devices will be MachineFi connected


Years ago I had a Fitbit that let me reduce my insurance payments. (that was a nice incentive to use it every day) I just downloaded HealthBlocks and am very curious to see if it’s fun to monitor my fitness/health stats over time.

What kinds of devices and what would you want to track? Would that be for your personal knowledge, to monetize, or maybe both?

Same question to you - how might you use it with W3bstream? Or would it be only to give you info on your activities?