Docker image start command


I have downloaded the iotex-core repo, successfully built the image, but now I do not know what is the proper command to start the docker container with, so that I may use the image properly.

What ports do I need to map/open?

Is there any other requirements? such as mapping a disk drive to the containers, etc?

OK, I think I’ve figured out that I need to specify all the details and configuration values before I compile the server, and only once it is compiled, I can build the docker image and run it. Then I just run it with port 4689 (I assume) and then everything should work? I guess. I will keep you posted on my success!

OK, I got it working. It’s quite simple. After downloading the iotex-core repo, enter the directory, run the command

make docker

then download the master chain data from

extract this data to a location like ~/Data/IoTeX/data
make a new folder like ~/Data/IoTeX/log and run the container like so:

docker run -v <your full data path here>/Data/IoTeX/data:/var/data -v <your full log path here>/Data/IoTeX/log:/var/log -config-path=/etc/iotex/config_override.yaml -genesis-path=/etc/iotex/genesis.yaml -p 14014:14014 -p 4689:4689 root/iotex-core:latest

To get the correct config files you need to follow the guide at and edit the config files after you download the templates. For standalone config templates you can look here:

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