Dream IoTex Device

Is there a dream device you would love to see on the IoTeX Blockchain for complete IoT Security and Privacy? Feel free to share and tell us why! Never know, perhaps the team will answer that dream in the not so distant future! :grin:

For myself, I would love to see a door bell cam next. I’m holding off to buy one until one is released using IoTeX’s blockchain technology. :grinning:


A super private smartphone, that can use the own phone sensors on secured apps, where the data was iotex-protected and controled by the user.
The smart phone could act as a control center for private data, visualizing all providers interested in that data (for instance, advertisers interested in my video or browser activity) and willing to pay for it. I decided when a to who give what data in exchange of rewards.
For instance my car insurance company could offer me a discount in my policy if I disclose to him my location data, through a mobile GPS app connected with a device on my car. That way they could check if my driving speed conforms to the roads I drive on.

How about a spy cam. I have one in the shape of a dice.

The goal would have to be of the approx. ten devices per person, that 60% are available on the market utilising the IoTeX service ASAP. So consumers recognise the IoTeX symbol a mark of security as we see this on computers when we see Intel or AMD, Windows 10 etc., what would be cool is a netbook that’s linked to ioPay and dapps via your private key, earning rewards, and to serve your needs on the go in a secure way.