Exporting Iotex tokens from IoPay to Coinbase Pro

I’m trying to send IOTX from IoPay to Coinbase Pro wallet but keep getting an error message ‘Balance is insufficient for action!’ The amount is 2600 IOTX. Is there a minimum transfer amount that’s more than 2600 IOTX? How do I make the transfer?

Hello Tiffer,

First of all you should mention that Coinbase supports only erc-20 IOTX not native, in ioPay you have only native IOTX. To swap native IOTX to erc-20 you need to use ioTube cross chain bridge http://iotube.org.
Also you need IOTX on your balance to cover gas fee.

Hello recently I sent IOTX tokens from Lbank which uses the native network of IOTX to Coinbase which supports only erc so I lost the funds. Is there anyway I can recover my tokens?