Failed sending ERC-IOTX from IoPay Etherurm wallet

Hi Qevan & Iotex team,

I withdrew my native IOTX into ERC20-IOTX into my IOPay Etherurm wallet.

However, when I transferred the balance to a Coinbase exchange account (ERC-20 address) IOPAY gave a failed notice. My balance is gone now in the wallet and I don’t see it in Coinbase either.

However I can see the exact amount in my Etherurm wallet address balance in Etherscan; wallet address below:

  1. Can you help let me know what is the issue and did I lose my coins
  2. Should I reach out to Coinbase too because I can see my balance on chain but Coinbase is not showing it

Thank you!
@qevan @zimne


@Aarontrueman kindly check your message I hope that help

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There are two scam accounts reaching out to direct me to a live chat support and the live chats ask for private keys.

Just want to shout out here in case users are tricked by these scams.

Below list: @Chad1999 @Iotexdev