From Coinbase to ioPay

Having so many issues. It wouldn’t take the address but it did accept the web3 address. But nothing shows up. I tried using the meta mask way to see if the tokens come up, but nothings changed. I really need help!!


IoTeX runs its own blockchain, where native IOTX tokens are live. But they also exist IOTX tokens on Ethereum (ERC20) as well as on other blockchains. Coinbase trades ERC-20 IOTX tokens, so you can only withdraw those tokens to the Ethereum blockchain, and you need a wallet connected to the Ethereum chain (Metamask) to see those tokens, while ioPay is connected to the ioTeX chain. This is an issue that arise due to coinbase unexpectedly listing the IOTX Erc20 token on Ethereum. That token was almost entirely burned during mainnet release (they should have listed the native IOTX, or at least a cross-chain Erc20 token of IOTX, CIOTX), and eventually they ended up in an isolated market that absorbed all the IOTX-E in circulation, and the price arise as a consequence.

Keep in mind that when you withdraw or do any blockchain wallet transfer, you don’t transfer tokens into a specific wallet app (e.g., into ioPay, or into Metamask, or into Trust, or whatever): blockchain tokens always live on a blockchain , a “transfer” simply transfers the ownership to a different address on the same blockchain, it doesn’t move the tokens themselves in any way. The tokens always sit on the same blockchain as the sender (whatever the recipient address is, whatever wallet you used to generate the address). So if you withdrew from Coinbase, since Coinbase trades the ERC20 IOTX token on the Ethereum blockchain, whatever address you set as the withdrawal recipient, your tokens were assigned to that address but on the Ethereum blockchain. This is not an issue with ioPay, or Coinbase: this is just how blockchain works. If you want to see the tokens in your wallet, you should use a wallet connected to Ethereum, because you are withdrawing an Ethereum token.

Are you going to help everyone in your community who has native IoTeX blocked in Coinbase or are you just thinking of continuing to ignore us? …

Dear David​,

when sending tokens to an exchange, you must always check on what networks you have your tokens, and make sure that the deposit address you are sending your tokens to is on the same network.

Blockchain transactions cannot be reverted, and if you sent tokens to the wrong deposit address of an exchange, then those tokens are lost.

In the future, if you are unsure about how to proceed, please ask a Brand Ambassador or an Administrator in one of our communities, or just contact us at [email protected]: we will be happy to help! Sending a small amount of tokens as a test is also another good way to make sure you are doing things correctly.

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