Gas for unwrapping CIOTX

I used IOTube to send CIOTX from my BSC to IOTX address in Metamask. I seem to be stuck now, as I don’t even have enough IOTX in my wallet to unwrap some CIOTX. How do I get enough gas (IOTX) in my wallet to do anything?

Hello ron_swansong​ ​,

Thanks for writing in.

Send us your IoTeX address and we’ll send you enough to cover the gas fee of unwrapping the tokens

Thanks for your help.


I sent 1 IOTX to that address, it shou;d be plenty for unwrapping your tokens.

Have a good day!

Received and unwrapped. Thanks so much for the help! I’ll be sure to pay it forward.

I have the same issue. I have 230 ciotx but need 0.2 iotx in wallet to exchange it. I got 0.16 IOTX in the wallet when I opened it.
If anyone can send me 0.1 IOTX I will return 1 IOTX!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have Metamask? If so can you get the address from there? I can see your wallet on the explorer but it won’t let me send to it from Metamask.

I have the same problem;

my addres: *******

gpupo, I sent you 1 iotx, good luck in the cryptoverse and remember to pay it forward!

Desparate to get this sorted will pay 10 IOTX for 0.1

Can you send me the address from your Metamask and I’ll hook you up?

Dont want IOTX on BSC want it in IOTX chain. IOTX wallet is on iopay

Hello. I also have the same problem. I got 400 CIOTX but also cant unwrap because I don’t have enough gas fee to cover it please help.
address is:

Thank you