Getting started & Asking for help

Hello everyone!

The IoTeX project grows day by day, and so does the community. Thousands of new members have joined our community, and they want to support IoTeX by actively participating in the project.

IoTeX is now a cross-chain platform. We have an advanced and flexible staking mechanism, the IOTX token extends to many chains, and numerous tools and Dapps enrich our ecosystem. It can be unclear for a new user to understand where to start and take part in this ecosystem.

So in this post, I want to summarize how to get started and ask for help if you are new to IoTeX.

Getting started

Good places to get started if you are new to the IoTeX world are:

  •, which gives you all the relevant facts and links about IoTeX in one single page

  • where you can get a more detailed overview of the IoTeX project

  • gives you an idea of projects, partners, wallets and exchange available for IoTeX users

  • is your place where to get started if you are a developer, while is where you want to go to talk to other developers

Asking for help

1. Telegram Community

The first place where to ask for support is our international Telegram community: Several IoTeX Brand Ambassadors can answer most of your questions or direct you to the right resources.

Unofficial local communities:

2. Telgram 1:1 Support

If you need 1:1 support, first ask our Brand Ambassadors in the international Telegram group. If they cannot answer your question, please use our Telegram Bot for direct support:

you will chat with a person (not a bot!) from the support team. Even if you don’t get an immediate reply, please be patient: as soon as someone in the team is online, they will chat with you.

3. Discord

If you are a Discord user and you have a more “technical” type of question, try asking it on our Discord server at We also have channels dedicated to specific topics there, like delegates, developers, or hackathon-related questions.

4. Email

If you are more comfortable with email messages, please send your request to we keep track of all these requests, and someone from the support team will answer you as soon as possible.


Very useful article with all important information for all users - how to contact IoTeX team :ok_hand:


Telegram is the last place people should be looking for admin for help. It’s 1,000 scammers per 2 admin there. I’ve been at it for an hour asking everyone and I’ve got nothing but scammers or people who don’t have a clue. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE help me with this issue?? It is a wallet malfunction and I do not have the knowledge to get my wallet back when the officia wallet cannot recognize a valid private key. Please establish a more secure place for online support. Using Telegram is just begging to be robbed. It’s not safe there at all. This is extremely discouraging to have a wallet lose its mind. I thought I could trust the IoPay wallet to work correctly and now I’m on my own trying to trouble shoot something I know nothing about. PLEASE help. :pray:t2:

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