Grants Request - DAS(Decentralized Account System)

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[ DAS ]

Project Type

[ Integrate IoTeX ]

Proposal Description

[ DAS is a cross-chain decentralized account system. DAS’s goal is to bring DID to everyone.

It can be used as a digital currency collection account, as a domain name, or as an account to access general internet services. DAS has powerful cross-chain capabilities and supports ETH/TRON/BSC/Polygon and any other public chain address.

hi.bit, 你好.bit, こんにちは.bit, :rocket::full_moon:.bit, 안녕하세요.bit, Привет.bit and Bonjour.bit are all DAS accounts.

In the first 5 months upon launch, DAS has seen over 24k unique addresses registered with 56k accounts. Major Wallets and dApps such as TokenPocket, imToken, HyperPay, Huobi Wallet, Alpha Wallet, BitKeep, NFTGO, NFTSCAN, etc. have integrated the DAS SDK. users can transfer any digital currency by entering .bit directly into these wallets.

If DAS gets the Grants, we will use it to drive DAS integration in the IoTex ecosystem DApp and also grow registered users from the IoTex ecosystem, for example by offering them a better price for signing up.

DAS’s unique Reverse Record capabilities enhance the security of user-contract interactions and reduce fraud within the IoTex ecosystem.

DAS will deploy contracts on IoTex. At the same time, DAS has been widely integrated by many wallets and DApps, etc. compared to other similar products, which can bring the most direct and real value to IoTex ecology. ]


  • Milestone 1:
    • Duration (weeks): 4 weeks
    • Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified): Support for registering and managing .bit accounts with IoTex addresses
    • Funds request (USD): 15,000 USD
      • Rewards for early users from IoTex community.
      • a redesign of our architecture, UI, documentation, as well as additional supporting resources.
      • support for resources needed for cooperative community publicity.
      • Cooperate with IoTex Eco official Twitter announcement & AMA.
      • Introducing IoTex to DAS community (24k+ paid users and 20k+ active users across all DAS channels).
  • Milestone 2:
    • Duration (weeks): 4 weeks
    • Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified): Support direct access to IoTex DApps using
    • Funds request (USD): 15,000 USD
      • Developer compensation.
      • Rewards for early partners.
      • Cooperate with dApps in IoTex and to promote more users to direct access with
  • Milestone 3:
    • Duration (weeks): 4-8 weeks
    • Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified): Support for setting up reverse resolution for contracts on IoTex to improve the security of user-contract interaction
    • Funds request (USD): 20,000 USD
      • Developer compensation.
      • Rewards for early ecosystem partners.
      • Cooperate with dApps in IoTex and incentivize more IoTex users to use DAS products and improve the security of interaction with contracts.

Total funds requested

[ 50,000 USD ]

About your Team

[ 10 full-time, including 2 founders, 6 engineers, 1 marketing. Two founders Tim and Kyle are serial entrepreneurs and they knew each other when both worked at Tencent. ]


[ We expect hundreds of accounts to be created per day once the IoTex ecosystem is properly informed about the opportunities of integration DAS brings.
As the DAS product and community grows, it can also bring thousands and tens of thousands of users to the IoTex ecosystem. ]



Discord: Discord



GitHub: DAS · GitHub

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