Having issue staking IOTX using IoPay

Hello, I’ve been trying to stake my IOTX tokens. Every time I attempt to create a new stake I get an error message saying “Please use ioPay desktop, import & unlock your wallet, and refresh this page to continue.” I’ve tried refreshing the page. That still brings up the same error message. I’m completely set up and live IoPay desktop while doing this and I clicked the staking option from there which took me to the staking website page. I’m using a Ledger on a Mac computer. Any help with this is greatly appreciated as I’d love to begin staking my tokens!

Thank you!

IOPAY mobile wallet will work.

IOPAY mobile wallet will work.

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Would it be possible to use the desktop version of the wallet instead? I prefer not to use my mobile device for crypto transactions.

I cant seem use a Ledger wallet on the IoPay mobile app. Can someone help me with the desktop wallet issue im having? I prefer to use it and would I’d like to stake my tokens.

@oneness I use the ioPay desktop wallet with a Ledger Nano S, and it works great. Have you been able to stake your native Iotex tokens yet? Have you seen your tokens on the chain by using your Ledger with the ioPay desktop wallet? This is very important first. If you have done that, read on.

I think the order of the following steps doesn’t matter, but first open Ledger Live and make sure you have the latest version. Also make sure you have the latest version of the Iotex App installed on your Ledger. Those steps will help your overall management of your Ledger device.

After that:
Open your internet browser and go to stake.iotex.io
Scroll down to where you see “My Stakes” and click it.
Open your ioPay desktop wallet, unlock your Ledger, and select the Iotex App on your Ledger
Go back to stake.iotex.io and click the handy refresh link next to “New Stake” and “Compound Interest Bucket” on the right side.

Some tips:
I recommend visiting iotex.smartstake.io to help you decide which validator to stake to, and also very helpful is the website tool at http://hermes.to to see if the validator you choose has automatic staking rewards distribution set up.