Hello I want to present a new project

Hello, I have a project about Corona, do I need to write it here or do I need to send it to a special email address? I want to present a smart home device, my project

Hi Cano!
Feel free to explain your project here in the forum!

i have a project idea, unfortunately i have very little coding experience, so it is preventing me from developing my ideas.

it involves the pebble tracker, and minting nfts based on location, similar pebble go, but my idea will be aimed at challenges, such as running, cycling, trekking events where individuals can hire/borrow the tracker to mint there own nfts to track show off their achievements, with proof of presence.

if anyone could help me get started or point me in the right direction with a basic template and or such, it would be greatly appreciated. (FYI i am waiting for the delivery of my pebble tracker)