Help with transfer from to Coinbase

I tried to transfer IOTX from crypto to Coinbase but I was unaware of the need to bring into an IOPAY wallet and then convert it.

The withdrawal from went through and I have the Hash and the wallet address of where the withdrawals went to but I’m not sure how to get the coins from there to my wallet, or even if its possible.

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I made the same mistake… have you had a resolution yet? Please let me know if you do.

I have the same issue. I have Iotex tokens out there somewhere! Please help me get them back.

Please If anybody find out how to do this please help I lost all my money thank you

I tried transferring my iotex from to the transaction says completed but it does not show up in my Coinbase account is there anyway to retrieve my funds or the crypto coins

Hey have you recovered them? I just did the transfer two days ago and my funds now lost. Sadly IoTex or Coinbase need to help us recover our funds but they aren’t doing anything!!