How do I retrieve my Iotex sent from to Coinbase

I sent my Iotex from to Coinbase.

I have the transaction hash, the iotex address from the iotex address to coinbase where I sent it, and the address where they are currently, with the private key…

I just want my investment back. What is the point of a public address, and private key, if I can’t access the coins? Did I mess up and create the wallet somewhere other than Iopay?

Someone said I might have sent it to the iotex Mainnet devoloper wallet??? Please help!

Sorry to hear that you got caught up in this as well. This issue has been going on for about two weeks and hundreds of people have suffered from coins being lost (They are really not lost). A lot of us have sent emails to Coinbase but they seem to not wanna do anything about it. A person here created a Change dot org petition so that Coinbase can add support to the IOTX native coins which a lot of us have signed and some of us have filed complaints through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau but as of right now there is no solution.
I read that you have a “private key” but where is that key from?