How do I unwrap my wIOTEX on IOTEX CHAIN?

I recently bridged some IOTEX and eth from the ethereum blockchain to the IOTEX blockchain. I have been using iotube, and now have eth on the IOTEX chain (im guessing that would be iETH, however, when I sent my IOTEX from the ethereum blockchain to the IOTEX blockchain, it went from IOTEX(on ETH) to wIOTEX on IOTEX. I have been. Trying to figure out how to unwrap the IOTEX, however it keeps telling me i need native IOTEX in order to pay for gas. How do i get native IOTEX ON the IOTEX blockchain, if every time I bridge it, it automatically wraps the token? How do I unwrap it? Any help? Thanks.

How long have you been having this issues and have you been able to solve it ? @NORMANCOMICS.eth

How come nobody’s answering this question from the iotx team. Coinbase has had alot of issues and tells us not to trust sending to iotx.

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Hello how can I help you ?

Hi, you guys can unwrap WIOTX to IOTX with 1:1 here: mimo V2