How to download ChatGPT Desktop App and Bypass the Access Check

Here is the official beta release!!

The beta version can be downloaded from

You still need to login to your account to continue. Now only a small group of users have access.
OpenAI claims they are making this available soon to Plus users and then all users.


This is how to bypass the access check and use ChatGPT Desktop for free now:

If you want to access GPT Mac, here is the tutorial using


Your account might be banned.

  1. Open Proxyman
  2. Open ChatGPT and login
  3. On Proxyman, select ChatGPT in the Apps folder
  4. Click “Enable all domains from ChatGPT”

  • if it’s the time you use the app, Proxyman prompts you to install & trust the certificate on your Mac. It’s safe because it’s generated on your Mac. You can remove it in Keychain or from Certificate menu → Reset
  1. Login on ChatGPT again
  2. By this time, you will see a lot of requests: ⌘F to open the Filter → Type: init → Right Click on the request → Tools → Select “Map Local”

7. On the Map Local Editor → ⌘F to show the filter
8. Release all falsetrue
9. Click replace

10. Done

If you’d like to remove the certificate, just open the Tool menu → Reset all Certificates → Done ✅

Thanks for creating this tutorial!

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