How to retrieve IOTX tokens sent from IOTX network to ERC20 network

Greetings to the whole community I need your help, these days I did an operation which went wrong, because I wanted to transfer my IOTX to an exchange where I was only accepted through the ERC20 network and I could only send the IOTX through the network IOTX, so I had to take the IOTX to metamask and there I thought that since metamask is based on the etherum network I could already send them, so I sent the IOTX from the IOTX network to the ERC20 network and it seems to me that this is not It’s okay so I haven’t received the IOTX in my other exchange, can someone help me by telling me if there is any way to revert in such a way that I can recover them, thank you very much for your attention, be aware of your advice,

Hello Alex​ ​,

Thanks for writing in.

There is nothing you can do. All you can try is contact the exchange and tell them you sent native IOTX to your ERC20 IOTX deposit address, and see if they help you. They might, they might not - I don’t know how their system works, if they even have your private keys or if they have the capability to add native IoTeX network to your existing IOTX ERC20 address.

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Got my coins stolen too same way and they don’t obviously state what network to use. Its a scam far as I’m concerned

Hello where u able to recover your funds finally? I also encountered the same issue. I sent my IOTX tokens from Lbank exchanger which uses iotx network to Coinbase which uses eth Network and I lost the funds