How to secure your ioPay wallet if it’s been compromised

I believe my wallet was compromised and I would like to know if I can change my private key or do I need to created a new wallet?

I guess the answer is:”Dear valued customer. Who cares? You figure it out!”

Sincerely, IoTex Support

Someone took all 400 IOTX from my IoPay wallet 2 days ago, I certainly haven‘t sent any coins to anyone, They are just gone

We you staking your coins when they got taken?

I haven‘t opened the iopay wallet for about 10 days. I can find the transaction in ioscan. The coins have been transferred but there has not been any activity on my side. So I think it this was fraud

So why don’t you open the app? How can you be sure the coins are not there if you haven’t opened the app? Just curious. Something similar happened to me but it was with another app staking ADA.

I did open the wallet. But I did not open it days ago, when the coins have been transferred to another destination