I bought machineFi NFT at https://treasureland.market/, used wallet metamask

Bought nft, connected with metamask. iotexscan displays it. The metamask wallet does not display it. When manually added to the metamask wallet, the address is not accepted. I take the contract address from ioscan ( 0x0c5ab026d74c451376a4798342a685a0e99a5bee) I want to transfer it from metamask to the iopay wallet. I’m probably doing something wrong, please help me figure it out.

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  1. Please make sure the MFI you purchased is correct, this is the contract address: io1p3dtqfkhf3z3xa4y0xp59f595r5e5klwwnrex7
  2. Then import the private key of the metamask address into iopay and you will see the MFI (please ensure safety during this process)