I cant unstake my fund

Hello Tea,

I have staked my coins using your staking portal. but selected the duration 63 days. i was aware that if i don’t put auto lock then I can unstake it anytime. but now i can see its frozen and that i have to wait till mid of January which I don’t want. can you please help me withdraw my fund.

Yeah, same with me. I hope they can make unstaking convenient and easy just like on other platforms. Developers need to make this possible.

Hi DebasishChanda​,

Here are instructions about how to unstake an IoTeX Bucket:

  1. Make sure you have some IOTX in your balance to cover the gas fee (the fee cost will be 0.01 IOTX, but make sure you have something more).

  2. In ioPay mobile click STAKE then select the bucket you want to unstake, locate the “Edit” button. In ioPay desktop instead, open and unlock ioPay, then open your browser on member.iotex.io/my-votes and locate the actions menu next to your bucket

  3. In the bucket actions menu, select “restake” and make sure the “StakeLock” option is disabled, if not then disable it (do not try to reduce the “Staking Period”, leave it untouched)

  4. Once StakeLock is disabled, from the bucket actions menu find the “Unstake” menu item

  5. if there is a date indicated next to the Unstake, then that’s the day when you can unstake: just wait for that day to come.

  6. If you see “Anytime” next to the Unstake, then select the Unstake command and confirm it

  7. After unstake is confirmed you must wait 3 days

  8. After 3 days, from the bucket actions menu, select “Withdraw” and confirm

Hope this helps,


This is not user friendly. I staked back on 10/1/21. My staking period should have been done 1/2/22. I could not unstake. So I found this thread, did what it explains, turned off stake lock, now I’m in for another 91 days without my coins. Please tell me do I have to now wait for another 91 days? Or just wait a few for this to fully update on the chain and then I’ll be able to unstake and withdraw?

Frustrated, but grateful for any help.

Thank you in advance


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