I did not download the key when creating the wallet

I made a wallet for staking. But like an idiot, I didn’t download the key. This reminded me of when I opened my wallet again. I have already transferred tokens and staked them. But I can’t see my assets. Because I can’t log in. I made a really stupid mistake. I would be really happy if this could be restored. please help with this Fortunately, I know my address.

This is my old address.: io1yjhxurwlwgvzarqwhcyag9wdwg5pn0cfgm9vr2

If you can’t recover your wallet, please. Please save the token just once. 900ioxt is precious money to me.

Hello Jun,

Sorry to hear about that.
Unfortunately, we cannot help you restore your private key. Have you checked your clipboard, perhaps it was saved there?

Best Regards,

IoTeX Support Team

Hello Jun,

Following below email, perhaps you can check if you saved your private key on your desktop computer or your mobile phone?


Best Regrds,

IoTeX Support Team

Thank you for answer.

I knew it was impossible, but I had a little hope.

I think 900ioxt is a good study.