I tried almost everything to topup some gas to the IOTX chain on my metamask

I tried all options to topup teh IOTX chain on metamask since 2 days now but din’t find a way to do it. Tried Iotube.org and what not. I ma able to swap some BNB to CIOTX but not able to swap it to IOTX for the gas. I even bought some IOTX on binance tried to migrate it to metamask using IOTX chain on binance, but the cex din’t let me do it. This thing is real crazy hehe.

So, I am here for help.
My address is : 0x8A129D777cEb23214f3C3785A91A7d9118D01DBE

Hope the project will provide atlest 3 free gas txns for new addresses trying to use it. That will be suppa useful.

Thank you

Biannce only supports the IO format, and you can use this tool to convert the following format. The transfer process must be made to ensure that it is on the same chain