Idea 💡 but no coding knowledge

Hi Guys :hugs::hugs: first of all - like I wrote in the headline I have no experience with coding or building anything on the internet so I don’t know if it’s possible to make something like that:

well, I thought about the Vision behind everything that has to do with ioT and my short answer would be “optimizing and connecting our electronic devices with the internet”

so I thought about an app something like a “habit tracker” but with the intention to help people getting the job that fits the best to them… or if they have no job at the moment, to bring together this person with an employer that fits go this person.

The thing is this app should analyze some specific things to get the perfect result… not just analyze some criteria an employer wish to see or an employee writes in a form. It should depend on what makes the person searching a job happy and something he or she is passionate about.

I hope I could describe it the why I mean it :relaxed:

and please be honest with me … if something like that is impossible than just tell me - when the idea came to my mind I thought I have to ask :yum:

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