Incorrect Transfer

I have a problem with an iotex transaction that I tried to do this morning.
I was trying to transfer to the binance exchange but used the binance smart chain as the network address. Can someone please assist me with this. Transaction Hash is

Thank you

If you used binance exchange bsc address to send your iotex to binance exchange it’s called wrong network deposit. Only binance exchange support team can help u out Regarding this issue. But if you send this iotex to wallet address then u can easily recovery it by changing your rpc setting.

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Seems you’re an expert. Can you help me. I transferred 5426 iotex token from native to Coinbase on November 9th. It’s still hanging in iopay wallet. I need to retrieve it. I’ve been stuck.

Actually u transfer to coinbase they support erc 20 version of iotex. And coinbase only have support to retrieve it. In future if coinbase support to native currency u might get back your coin

Thanks again a million… lets hope Coinbase do the right be enabling native iotex