Integrating DeFi loans (AAVE, Etc)

As IOTX sees tremendous growth thanks to the addition to Coinbase and - most crypto users are still far behind the educational aspect of DAO’s & defi. (Well, that’s nothing in comparison to BurnDropIgnite but you get my point that traction is gaining FAST).

For instance, while the devs have done an absolutely incredible job at the UI/UX - aside from a layman’s text description as well as YouTube video (which yours truly will be working on) - do we think it might be beneficial to have a DAO loan service to incentivize our patrons?

I’d recommend starting with stablecoins.

This would leave me with (depending on market conditions - around $150-200 i can use to buy IOTX with and see if it’s’ up my alley, or venue so to speak. Put a couple hundred IOTX in Metanyx and another delegator to get a feel for my returns, maybe add some METX/IOTX and see how that stacks up against pancakeswap.

We really are at the dawn of a new beginning. Apologies if this seems either Impossible or ineffective but to my understanding it would
(1) bring in new stakers, who can learn a lot with our 7 day staking period
(2) enjoy the benefits of which delegator disperses what each day depending on your stake
(3) give said new user a relatively ‘cheap’ learning experience

And lastly (4) - build good relations among the defi community to the point where we continually get better and better rates.

CAKE DEFI is an LP I’ve been working with, I’ll email them today asking how they feel about another pair (which would put IOTX popularity in the same range as doge, LTC, etc.)

The app im focused on is

^should show DefiChainWallet. Here we can create decentralized loans. Maybe the devs would want just one large fund, or let folks decide on their own. Either way combining the projects seems flawless and they even offer a DEX.


Lastly, if you’re interested in their other app check out the fine print first but the promos they’re running are impressive to say the least and I’ve been staking with them for well over a year now. LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR I FULLY WOULD PICK IOTX OVER CAKE DFI. If you wish to do the same my ref code will earn you debatably enough to where you can experiment and see how you feel about this integration without depositing a dime.

My ref code is 764457 - we both benefit. I’m 27 living at home so this would really help out AND give IOTX yet another behemoth or a partnership.