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Over the past 3+ months of Mainnet, we have continuously enhanced the IoTeX Delegates Program. One of our main goals is to better connect the IoTeX community and Delegates — this involves providing more transparency regarding Delegate contributions, achievements, and commitments. We are excited to introduce the Delegate Badges program as our next initiative!

In this blog, we walk through the first set of Delegate Badges, including “Delegate of the Month”. All IoTeX stakeholders will vote for Delegate of the Month from July 26–30 PDT. Stay tuned for the official announcement!

Delegate Badge placement on

IoTeX Delegate Badges

To make Delegate activities more transparent for IoTeX voters, we will publicly display Delegate Badges on the website starting August 1:

  • Delegate of the Month Badge: every month, IoTeX community will vote for 5 “Delegates of the Month (DOTM)”. Each DOTM gets 5 million votes from IoTeX Foundation and prime top placement on 1x DOTM = Bronze badge, 3x DOTM = Silver badge, 6x DOTM = Gold badge
  • Genesis Delegate Badge: highlights all Delegates that joined the IoTeX Delegates Program before Mainnet Alpha launch on April 22, 2019 — our “Day 1 Delegates”!
  • IoTeX Ambassador Badge: highlights our Ambassadors-turned-Delegates that help IoTeX expand in new regions, drive community marketing, and serve as evangelists for IoTeX. Please support our IoTeX Ambassadors!

    Delegate of the Month (DOTM) Badge

Additional badges that will be likely be added in Aug/Sept 2019:

  • EcoGrow Badge: any Delegate that donates >X% (TBD) of their IOTX rewards to the IoTeX DApp Fund will receive this badge. IOTX proceeds will be used to fund future DApps and network-wide tools.
  • Charity Badge: any Delegate that donates >X% (TBD) of their IOTX rewards to charity (e.g., The Giving Block) will receive this badge. IOTX proceeds will be donated to various charitable causes!

Next Steps

IoTeX Foundation will facilitate the first Delegate of the Month (DOTM) vote from July 26, 9am PT — July 30, 9am PT. A shortlist of 8–10 Delegates will be chosen by IoTeX Foundation and the community will select the top 5 to be our first DOTM. Make sure to make your voice heard and support your favorite Delegates by voting! Detailed voting instructions to come on Friday, July 26.

The 5 community-elected DOTM, Genesis Delegates, and Ambassadors will receive their badges on on August 1 .

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And when is the new voting for Delegate of the Month expected? :nerd_face:

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@qevan do we have an ETA on this one?

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I think @larrypang is still refining the program.


looks like it will be coming back in Q1 2020, currently being revamped


Okey, thanks. Would be interesting to take part in it again. :innocent:

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