Investing in IoTeX’s Future as Delegates: 11 Investors & Funds

These days, it seems like the divide between “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain” is the greatest it has ever been. As such, the impact of investors in the blockchain industry is not always seen by community / developers. In reality, investors fuel much of the development of today’s blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. They are the catalyst for new ideas — their early commitment and belief in a small founding team with a whitepaper and big dreams makes it possible for IoTeX to innovate today in the future.

IoTeX had a private sale in February 2018 (one year ago!). Even then, without a working Testnet, 50+ private sale investors stepped up and began their journey with IoTeX. They provided the funds needed to support IoTeX’s development. Flash forward one year later and many of these investors that believe in us then believe in us even more now. They will be taking the next step as official IoTeX Delegates!

We are excited to have the support of some of the most influential investors and funds in the blockchain industry: 8 Decimal Capital , Alphacoin Fund , BlockVC , DraperDragon , DU Capital , IOSG Venture , PreAngel , Royal Land , Whales Capital , Youbi Capital , and ZH Capital

8 Decimal Capital is an international professional blockchain investment institution, which manages two USD and token funds, The team consists of representatives from front-line VC, PE, and financial institutions. They have been rated in the Top 10 blockchain investment institution by 36 Krypton, Tsinghua X-lab and others. See their full voting profile here .
Alphacoin Fund is a venture capital fund focused on investing in blockchain technology and tokens. Since 2017, AlphaCoin has invested in over 50 leading blockchain technology projects both at home and abroad. Their team consists of professionals from China, Singapore, and Silicon Valley, bringing know-how and engineering capability. See their full voting profile here .
BlockVC is an acknowledged leader in the blockchain industry and is committed to the pursuit of new opportunities. They have an underlying exposure to 1 VC fund and 2 eco-funds in their portfolio of more than 60 projects. They focus on mapping investment themes in a systematic manner, and they offer full life-cycle solutions including incubating and asset management to their portfolio that have global impacts. See their full voting profile here .
DraperDragon & Homot opic is a joint effort, including DraperDragon Innovation Fund mainly focusing on USA-China cross-border startups. DraperDragon currently manages several RMB, USD, and Digital currency funds. In the blockchain sector, DraperDragon participated in the early investment of several leading projects, including IoTeX, Ledger, and Telegram. See their full voting profile here .
DU Capital is a seasoned blockchain investment firm based in Singapore. Today, it has invested in many renowned projects such as IoTeX, Polkadot and Sovrin and is still actively looking for its next venture. With rich experience and strong connections, the firm is devoted to growing projects to help change the world and make it a better place. See their full voting profile here .
IOSG Venture has ten years of history in traditional technology investments. Among their upcoming focus areas are private computation, Web3, and token engineering. As one of IoTeX‘s close support partners, they are very optimistic about the development and future of IoTeX. They plan to help build better and safer IoT applications and ecosystems. See their full voting profile here .
PreAngel was founded in 2011 and has invested in more than 300 companies in China and USA, covering a range of industries such as Mobile Internet, Smart Hardware, Healthcare, E-Commerce, and more. PreAngel will help IoTeX build a strong community from the business side, utilizing their network in multiple industries to drive IoT technologies. See their full voting profile here .
Royal Land is a pioneer venture capital firm focused on the blockchain technology sector. They back and work with innovative entrepreneurs to reimagine the world. Connecting Silicon Valley and Asia, they leverage their local networks & resources to support visionary entrepreneurs who move fast, think big, and are committed to reimagine the world. See their full voting profile here .
Whales Capital is a professional Venture Capital fund which mainly focuses on blockchain. They seek companies or projects with big market, leading technology and talented team. They believe in value investment and empowerment investment. They want to grow together with their projects and provide a lot of resources for them after investment. See their full voting profile here .
Youbi Capital is a major token holder of many prospective public blockchains that rely on Proof of Stake. They are strongly motivated to protect the robustness of the network, and the foundation of value. We would like to use our expertise and position as an early investor to extend new opportunities in staking to the retail investors in the community. See their full voting profile here .
ZH Capital is a young and blooming capital firm with a strong focus on asset management, OTC trading, and cryptocurrency. Their core competency is providing liquidity as an options market-maker. To do this successfully they design and implement their our own low latency technologies, trading strategies, and mathematical models. See their full voting profile here .

The coming launch of Mainnet Alpha represents the help and support of the entire community, which includes our investors. We look forward to seeing the great new opportunities that will arise in the future.

If you are interested in contributing to IoTeX development, please join our Github . If you are interested in becoming an IoTeX Delegate, please complete this form .