IoPay Additional Security

Hello, I would like to suggest adding OTP on transferring token to other wallet. Please enforce this feature.

Hi Jp, thank you for your feedback. I’m not sure how effective that would be: if someone has access to your address private key, he can interact with the blockchain using whatever tool they want (not necessarily ioPay) and therefore empty your wallet. Even we block the private key display and token transfers in ioPay with an OTP, if the theft has access to ioPay that he has access to your mobile/computer so most probably can also access to OTP.

That’s because on the opposite of Exchanges, which are custodians of your private keys and allow remote access to transfers when you use a wallet you are the custodian of the private key and the use is only in person. There is not much you can do once someone has your phone in their hands and reached the point where they can send a transfer: and OTP will probably already be in their hands.

The only real security to protect against unauthorized blockchain transfers, as of today, is by using an hardware wallet to sign your transfers (wich protects against malicious software and your own mistakes)

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But I think it is better if there will be a security feature that can block unauthorized transactions from iopay to other wallets. How about security questions? I’m just worried how secured the iopay is as I have staking from it. Thanks

ioPay implements access pin and/or fingerprint (if your smartphone has), in addition to timeout (if you leave the app unused for a few minutes or you switch to a different app, ioPay will ask for login again). I will forward your feedback to the product team, although to me having a security question before any transfers looks like just adding a second pin in addition to the first one (even the Ledger hardware wallet does not ask for the pin on every transaction but has a timeout). I guess such feature would only be useful if someone takes your phone from your hands on purpose exactly when the app is still open and unlocked, he runs away, and makes a quick transaction.

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Great! Thank you zimne! :grinning: