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Would like to know if it possible to us to unstake without waiting for staking days to finish? I have tried it but unstaking is disabled. Also why it is not allow to change staking days lower from the lapsed staking days? I need to know as I just put 1000 days without knowing it cannot be change to much lower…:persevere: Please allow us to unstake or lower the staking durations…

1000days WOW! You’ve just made yourself rich in 3 years if you can wait:)

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I am not good in computer and just learning and even crypto but I see the problem I am facing is just only the basic that Iotex did not perfect it but now keep proposing with new company and new kind of project and Internet of trusted thing is the future… Using

My problem is simple thst I make a deposit to TrustDice of usdt 7.4 and iopay tranvatuon successful but ii was only told that TrustDice only accept erc20 usdt and how can iopay not up to standard that even the wrong address it continue to sent out… Haha pls don’t come and tell me that I should provide the correct address as other wallet apps will not sent out to the address that is correct Anti holding the name ioT why is this basic not up to standard
I am not good at all this degitsl thing so even I not get the burn airdrop I keep quite and I do not want to make myself a stupid fool and wait ppl to laugh at me so I try to prevent any mistake and not even ask what other kind of benefit as I though getting free vita is so good but end up I paying 10 times more on the transaction… Haha why this is not fix also.

Worse is I trust Iotex and how can I believe TrustDice a Iotex partnership do not accept any of Iotex token or even usdt from Iotex but only erc20 jdont this make Iotex look so bad…

I know I voice out today I ll not be hoping to get what so ever benefit in future but when a company basic foundation in not strong how can it have hope in future…

All other kind of communication is turn into only advertisement and do not accept complain…n not only usdt even bnb is the same problem

Ii h


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Yeah! Let’s get all be rich after 3 years :laughing:

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Do not be afraid to ask questions! Simply ask them in a nice way and you should be met with nice answers. That being said some people are still mean and I apologize for that.

For trust dice - I am not sure what happened there. But for the burn drop, to my understanding as long as you have a stake in one single delegate and do not change it in any way for at least 91 days - you will receive the burndrop reward :slight_smile:

Hopefully that clears some things up for you


Any idea of how many IOTX will be dropped to each stakers?

Hi Kason,
Regarding the USDT transaction, please notice that the issue is not with ioPay, nor IoTeX. There is actually no issue (indeed the transaction was successful). Unfortunately the “issue”, if any, is intrinsic of the blockchain technology itself, that does not take into account the fact that multiple distinct networks coexist, and if they use the same type of account cryptography, then the addresses tht are valid on one network are also valid on the others. As a consequence, the user mist be well aware of what network his/her tokens are, and what network the recipient expects the tokens to be sent in.

So the address were you sent your tokens to is not “wrong”, as it’s an Ethereum address which is totally compatible with a IoTeX address (pr Binance Smart Chain’s, or Polygon’s, etc…). There is no way for ioPay to stop you doing that mistake other than warning you on every transfer to make sure that the recipient expects the tokens on the IoTeX network:

Hello zimne, hope that you can also give us an option to withdraw voluntarily on staking. Would that be possible to include on iopay?

Hi Jp,

hope that you can also give us an option to withdraw voluntarily on staking.

This type of option (to allow someone to “break the lock” and withdraw a locked bucket) would just make no sense. Locking the funds represent a contract with the network, it’s the user’s commitment not to withdraw those funds for the indicated time and therefore participate in maintaining the security of the network. In change for the commitment, the user will get extra rewards. If users would be allowed to “break the rule”, then the whole meaning of the lock would fail and make no sense to exist at all.

Additionally, the staking rewards in IoTeX are designed in such a way that even if users are encouraged to stake, they are discouraged to stake for extremely long periods of time: in fact the bonus rewards decrease exponentially with the lock time and most of the extra APY is concentrated in the first 1 to 8 weeks (or 91 days if you want to access the BurnDrop IoT rewards). More than that would just not give sensible additional rewards.

Of course we all make mistakes, some times we rush things and we also go past warning and confirmation messages, straight to our mistakes. But these are fundamental rules of blockchain staking, and cannot be broken, as much as nobody wants to allow token transfers to be reverted by users because “it was a mistake”. :roll_eyes:


That makes sense. Well I really have no choice but to wait :sweat_smile: I have trust on Iotx team and believe iot has big future ahead. Thank you for the explanations. Appreciate it a lot. :+1:

My staking duration just ended but there’s no option to Unstake… someone please help

Have you been able to unstake or having same issue @Xspace

No I haven’t… someone just told me I have to restake for 200days again with lock turned off inorder to Unstake.
Meanwhile the staking reward is horrible

Check your message I sent you a message @Xspace

@Xspace please be careful with possible scammers that pretend to provide support.

When you want to unstake you must

  1. In the bucket actions menu, select “Restake” and make sure “StakeLock” is disabled. If not, disable it.

  2. Make sure the staking duration has passed, counting from when the stake lock was disabled.

  3. You can always check the “Unstake” menu item in the bucket actions menu: if it’s disabled (i.e. “grayed out”) then next to it you will see the day when it will be enabled.

If you need more help, please PM me your wallet address and I’ll take a look at your staking configuration.

IoTeX staking rewards are in the 5% APY range (7% if you lock for 91 days + StakeLock) which is not bad compared to other popular blockchains with a relevant market cap (e.g. solana is 5.7%, Terra is 6%, Ethereum 2 is 4.8% etc…

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My staking duration just ended but there’s no option to Unstake… someone please help