IoPay unstaking problems and missing rewards

Dear Support,
Back in August you launched a promotion on CoinMarketCap and straight after you sent a newsletter with the following information (for all those users who had not won with CMC)

What if I didn’t win? Do I get anything?

Yes! Actually you can still claim 50 IOTX and an NFT for your participation. All you need is 100 IOTX staked after a certain date (we will announce the date in the next email).

How can you claim your 50 IOTX? Here is how you can still win! Stake at least 100 IOTX and get 50 IOTX after 91 day or more of staking. Yes! It’s that good. So to prepare for the next week, make sure you have 100 IOTX ready to stake.

(email received from [email protected] on August 11, 2021)
subject of the email: CMC Winners to be announced soon. Here’s what you need to know!

Well, I staked my IOTX in various buckets, all of them for 91 days (as required) and never received the mentioned reward (50 IOTX) ==> problem nº 1
Apart from this, the 91 days have already passed (long ago) but the IOTX are still locked and I cannot unstake them, I have read in other threads that in order to do that I should re-stake them for another 91 days, but I don’t want to and, also, I am afraid that doing so I would lose the possibility to receive the tokens mentioned above ==> problem nº 2

Could you please help?
Thank you in advance and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :slight_smile:

Hello ga1q7b​ ​,

Thanks for writing in.

The rewards you mention have already been paid out to the winners, and they were only for 20 IOTX if I remember correctly, and only CoinMarketCap users were eligible, who did not win the main prize

Hi and thank you for your kind answer. What I know is that I am a CMC user and that I followed the instructions but did not receive anything. Thank you anyway and best regards