IOT Data in Industrial Maintenance

Hello Everyone, I work in Industrial Maintenance and have been pondering how to integrate IOTX concepts & technology to my facility. We have hundreds, if not thousands of machines that produce valuable data to XYZ Marketing firm. There is a need to autonomously track run time, quickly identify cause of breakdowns, next lubrication due, parts due for replacement, machine efficiency decline due to age, energy consumption in ratio to production output and much more all in the name of optimal production. Are there any solutions in the works for this field?

How can IOTX be integrated into this field?
We use a CMMS called SAP, which has powerful capabilities, but it’s not quite autonomous.

I believe in the long term potential of Iotex, especially with the way it is being managed keeping the user in mind. Can Iotex be integrated with SAP?


At Chainplug we are trying to solve a similar problem by means of IoTeX. One of our objectives is to sell IoT-data as NFTs via our data-NFT marketplace. Following.


the need is interesting. I have vast knowledge in systems architecture and I have also been following iotex for some years. building your application is perfectly possible through the platform and a few more necessary interfaces. if you are interested… we can develop it together. I am available for questions and support from what I already know about the tool.


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