IOTA vs IoTeX -- Do "big partnerships" make a difference?

When I talk to someone about the differences between IOTA (using Tangle) and IoTeX (using blockchain), very often the conversation ends with the other person pointing out that “anyway, IOTA has great partnerships, this must signify something, doesn’t it?”.

Well I just want to point out that few of these IOTA “partnerships” have progressed much beyond proofs of concepts (PoC), and none of them resulted in any commercial products . No secret that I love the IoTeX project, yet I don’t consider myself a “IoTeX maximalist”, instead I’m a very practical person i.e. “I don’t believe until I can see” . And until now I’ve not seen a solid “theory” behind IOTA yet, sure it may require more years to reach its full realization, because it’s a complex system. And I hope it will, as that would be beneficial to the whole DLTs world. Nonetheless, until IOTA is “unfinished”, an obvious consequence is that no commercial product can be put on the market which is “Powered-by-IOTA”.

In IoTeX instead, I saw a solid theoretical design from the very beginning, sure a complicated one, but also feasible if the right people were put to develop it. I saw those people in Raullen, Dr. XinXin, Jing, Quevan (and all the other that we do not know much about, involved in this project). These people have got proven backgrounds and already gave enough proofs of what they can do, by innovating the fields of blockchain and IoT with excellent software releases and academic papers.

The result? A working blockchain , fast, secure, and with tons of obvious (and less obvious) real-world applications. Plus, a much bigger vision than was presented in the original whitepaper, including a blockchain + secure endpoints + DID ecosystem. An obvious consequence is that we now have real world, commercial IoT products that are Powered By IoTeX , being put on the market right now. The only blockchain-based products on the market, ever. And all of this in a fraction of the IOTA development time.

I might be biased, but honestly, as of today I see a HUGE gap between IOTA and IoTeX, but I’m ready to change my mind when I’ll see the same results from IOTA :wink:

What do you think?


For me, IOTA is interesting as a theoretical approach, but with a promise of results very distant in time. At present it is not even a DLT, but a centralized DataBase with the disadvantages that it implies: for example, did you know that this December has been stopped several hours during a weekend because of a software bug? And only the team was able to set it up. This alone is an anathema for a DLT, where nothing and nobody is supposed to stop it.
Its great promises that were attractive in 2017, the speed of the tangle and the absence of fees, will not be so much in a short time: most of the blockchain will have an equal or superior performance, and the cost of hardware processing to confirm two tansactions is a cost similar to a small fee.
Little by little his old luster fades, and in my opinion it will be one more in the liza.
However, I think that one of the great advantages of IOTex will soon be the emergence of multiple and surprising partners. The promise of security offered by IOTEX is very attractive for small and large companies, which will be attracted “like flies to a honeycomb of rich honey” as soon as they verify that IOTEX fulfills what it promises.


actualy these words sound very very good and powerfull

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