IoTeX - a world famous project

Today on the crypto market there are several IoT projects. All of them are quite powerful and competitive. We all know the most important of them, we will not call it :laughing:

IoTeX is a project that has no competitors. This is because the project founders of profess the philosophy of non-competition, and the joint improvement and development of the Internet of Things in the whole, everyone develops this sphere according to their capabilities and their development directions. By the way, for each project this direction is different. :star_struck:

But here is the question. How did you hear about the IoTeX? What path did you follow before you came to the IoTeX community and became its supporter and follower? What is your story?

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I did not know anything about IOT before IOTEX.
I learned about IOTEX a long time ago, I remember that at that time, AMA passed every two weeks in a Reddit.
then there was still not such a strong community and interesting bounty campaigns took place, in which there was a high chance to win due to creativity. Now the community is already more active, so you need diligence and luck in order to earn tokens :thinking:


You are right! Every two weeks in Reddit were AMA, now AMA format is Livestream, next step :wink:
As I can see, you, Claus, are very active now as a community member :ok_hand:


I like Lifestreams more than Reddit. But this format good just for those who know english very good, because for example Raullen is talking very very fast :+1:t2::sweat_smile:


I got to know IoTex in Binance smart chain Pancake Swap.


Glad to see new community members from different sphere!

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