#IoTeX About and #IoTeX Security

— IoTeX is building the Internet of Trusted Things, where all physical and virtual “things” – humans, machines, businesses, DApps – will be able to securely exchange information and value at global scale.

The IoTeX platform combines multiple technologies with built-in trust and links them together to form end-to-end trustm security, and privacy. Basically, we combine blockchain, secure hardware, and decentrlized identity to make the most secure foundtaion ever for IoT applications. We are solving many problems in traditional IoT security and privacy, but also our goal is not to fix the current Internet of Things, but rather to create a new Internet of Trusted Things. See this article for more on Internet of Trusted Things: https://medium.com/@iotex/the-internet-of-trusted-things-a29a0e4f169


The IoTeX blockchain is the most sophisticated in the industry. We made upfront design decisions to balance security, decentralization, and scalability. For security, we emply advanced cryptogprahy (Raullen’s specialty) to make sure the protocol is air-tight. For decentralization, our Roll-DPoS consensus mechanism that we designed in-house has the same performance as other DPoS blockchains like EOS, but also is more decentralized due to a randomized selection process of Delegates every hour. And finally, scalability is enabled by our blockchains-in-blockchain architecture, which allows multiple Layer 2 chains to be created and cross-chain communicate.