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Good afternoon IOTx community. I am writing this topic because I see the need to implement (if it does not exist) a form of interaction between people with ideas or developers, to analyze the feasibility of projects for integration into the blockchain. iotx is one of the few solutions in the crypto market that delivers a real solution, but we in the community, I believe, can also contribute in some way to strengthening the ecosystem with iot solutions or ideas for the very specific characteristics of each nationality where the project it’s inserted. I would like to discuss the matter further with all of you.

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@larrypang can help?

Hey @azerus thank you for this post!

Because IoTeX supports Ethereum development until now we have not pushed so much in terms of tutorials and examples for Dapps since those would have been basically clones of existing Ethereum docs. However, as you said, the IoTeX blockchain has been developed as a foundation for additional layers to provide blockchain connectivity to IoT devices, for which we have done a lot of research as well as real-world hardware examples (Ucam, Pebble).

This research is culminating in the design of an advanced layer-2 “oracle” network (TruStream) and it definitely makes sense now to start pushing out some quick starts and tutorials specific about the unique features that IoTeX can provide to developers.

These examples will range from MachineFi Dapps down to custom firmware for IoT devices to interact with IoTeX. we have already started with creating this “scaffold-iotex” repository based on the popular scaffold-eth by Austin Griffit, with the idea of collecting IoTeX-specific examples for developers to get started depending on the type of IoT Dapp they want to build.

In this regard, community contribution is extremely important, and we welcome you and anybody else to contribute ideas and code to the repo: we are in the process of restructuring the dev-discord server as well to make it the home of developers, where we also want to have live office hours to make community developers more involved in educational content and initiatives, or even in IoTeX products development.

The github repos are only one aspect: bringing those tutorials to as well as to YouTube community videos/workshops is as important: feel free to share your ideas!


Thank you for the answer.

I’m dedicating myself weekly to learning about blockchain, IOTX and DEV DApps.

My concern is not merely financial, I think I can really contribute to the improvement of DApps and devices connected to the IOTX Blockchain.

I can quote you a project that I have been developing with Arduino, for an on-board computer for cars, connected to the internet. In my view, on the iotex network this type of slide could have much more added value and technology.

Agree. Please share your work!

We also have a similar project submission in our Halo Grants program: take a look at The MOTODB Protocol: Global, Decentralized Car Industry IoT+Blockchain

Interested to learn more about Arduino. We, at The MOTODB Protocol are also designing and developing our own on-board computer (including OBD and other sensor/ cam support) for Cars. Later we plan to extend this to all mobility, including Heavy commercial vehicles and also Drones (EVTOLs).

My project focuses on the portability of old vehicles that have electronic injection technology. within the code development model for Arduino, I am very interested in interacting with the external environment. I thought about adapting it to the raspeberry pi, but the cost would be unfeasible. Looking at Pebble Tracker, I saw that the architecture and the component are favorable to the project idea. My project is linked to the Brazilian reality, where many obsolete vehicles do not have support for their original on-board computers. The idea is to provide a technological solution for reading vehicle data, consumption, octane quality, battery charge, weather data, in addition to offering a connection to the iotex blockchain, where interactions with DApps linked to the IOT sector would be possible. Do you think there is technical feasibility? Which way in relation to the Pevvle tracker, would it be possible to use it for this purpose?


Vc é do Brasil? Podemos conversar?