IoTeX + Binance Smart Chain

The IoTeX cross-chain ecosystem is growing rapidly – $IOTX holders can now explore new farms/LPs!

:one: Two-way token swaps with Ethereum
:two: Binance Smart Chain + PancakeSwap
:three: Partnership with Unifi Protocol
:soon: Huobi ECO Chain & Polkadot

IoTeX is connecting to the top EVM-compatible blockchains across the blockchain industry. Let us know which chains you want to see next! The future is multi-chain. You in?

:arrow_right: Since October 2020 $IOTX deposits and withdrawals are available on Binance Smart Chain

:arrow_right: IOTX on PancakeSwap - DEX where you can trade and liquidity mine IOTX/BUSD for $CAKE and farm $CAKE for IOTX.

:arrow_right: New $wAUDAX pair wAUDAX/IOTX is now available on #Pancakeswap! AUDAX - a commerce-focused blockchain solution to enable mass adoption of cryptocurrency in commerce. Easily swap AUDAX for wAUDAX and vice-versa on-demand at a fixed ratio of 1:1, and use your wAUDAX to earn more!

:arrow_right: IOTX has been added to C.R.E.A.M. - a DeFi ecosystem focused on providing lending, exchange, payment, and asset tokenization services.

:arrow_right: Value DeFi - IOTX/BUSD vSafe Vault, that searches for the best farming targets, deposit your investment, trade farming rewards for deposited tokens and re-invest automatically.

:arrow_right: Trade IOTX via OpenOcean - a full aggregator that aggregates mainstream DEXes on public chains and mainstream CEXes, helping users to find the best price, compare prices, and the lowest slippage.

:arrow_right: Cyclone Protocol - the first multi-blockchain, non-custodial, transactional privacy protocol based on zkSNARKs for the decentralized world built on IoTeX is on BSC.

:arrow_right: IOTX has been added to DODO DEX - an on-chain decentralized exchange/liquidity provider for everyone, powered by the Proactive Market Making (PMM) algorithm

:arrow_right: IoTeX is now available on Autofarm, a yield farming aggregator running on Binance Smart Chain. Our first IOTX-BUSD liquidity pool (LP) is now available for farming at

ioTube v4 – our new cross-chain bridge for Binance Smart Chain!

The IoTeX cross-chain ecosystem is expanding from “IoTeX ↔️ Ethereum” to “Binance Smart Chain ↔️ IoTeX ↔️ Ethereum” — more assets, more possibilities! We are taking our next major leap to connect IoTeX with the blockchain universe with two-way swaps for BSC: $BNB $BUSD $CYC and Ethereum: $ETH $WBTC $UNI $PAXG $CYC $IOTX