IoTeX Brand Ambassadors Program

Greetings from the IoTeX team!

For all of us here at IoTeX, the community is the most valuable asset and we take into account every interaction and comment seriously. As our technical development continues and our network of partners grows bigger with every day, we would like to invest in our long-term success and expand our community into different regions. As a part of this initiative, we are launching an IoTeX Brand Ambassador Program!

We have already formed a solid base of our initial group of early Ambassadors, but are still looking for more talented people to helps us grow communities around the world and foster healthy and educational discussions about the project across various social media platforms. We’re seeking talented people who will represent our project and communicate our technology, innovations, and vision locally, internationally or at their universities. This is an exciting and unique opportunity to join a very innovative startup that is building a revolutionary infrastructure for the IoT industry.

Why become an IoTeX Brand Ambassador?

As an Ambassador, you will get unique access to communicate directly with our team and other Ambassadors and be a part of the project, where you can make an actual impact and invest into the success and growth of IoTeX, as well as receive resources and latest news and updates about the project and lots of other cool things. Among other benefits, you will be able to get access to the latest info/news, beta test new features, get exclusive access to our forum, corporate swag, token incentives and participation in contests and prizes.

:small_orange_diamond: You will represent IoTeX in your local community — attend industry events representing IoTeX and organizing meetups to build local enthusiasm for the project.

:small_orange_diamond: You will get to learn more about our project, technology, goals, and community and help to educate and inform the general public about the project.

:small_orange_diamond: You will be able to contribute by managing communities, creating content and promotional material across a number of platforms.

:small_orange_diamond: You will proactively and creatively seek out new opportunities for IoTeX to increase the project’s awareness (marketing, community, partnerships, developers).

:small_orange_diamond: You will help us to build a strong community of blockchain, crypto and IoT enthusiasts and developers (offline and online).

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for highly motivated, responsible, self-starters, who want to contribute to the future of distributed and decentralized technology and IoT. You should

:small_blue_diamond:Have a good understanding of our project, mission, and vision.

:small_blue_diamond:Be a great communicator, in order to motivate and inspire the community and public.

:small_blue_diamond:Able to choose a role (or a few) that’s suits you the most from the list below:

  • Regional Community Managers: Lead and manage local groups using the messaging apps specific to your region.
  • Social Media Representative: Spread awareness of the project by utilizing social media platforms and forums to engage with users.
  • Business Development: Reaching out to potential partners on behalf of the project.
  • Events: Researching & attending conferences and related events as an Ambassador of the project; organizing meetups and educational sessions in your city/region.
  • Content Creators: Creating educational and engaging content (articles, videos, graphics) on various topics related to the project. Preferably someone with technical/blockchain knowledge.
  • Tech/Developers: Review the code, test out new features before they are rolled out, cooperate with tech team on development; write technical articles, tutorials, create and lead a developer community

If any of these roles sound like an opportunity that you would like to pursue, please fill out a quick form and somebody from our team will be in touch for the next steps.

Application Form

*Currently there is no cut off period for submitting your application, as we review them regularly and will contact selected candidates on Telegram directly.