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It is community based program which will aim at the growing of community through community education, developer onboarding and University outreach for IoTeX Community in Uganda.

It will also focus on raising awareness and promoting adoption through building vibrant, active and inclusive community of vibrant members, developers and businesses to develop set of skills needed to utilize the blockchain technology in Uganda.

Uganda is one of the countries in Africa with high adoption of blockchain technology. Uganda being one of the largest Refugee-hosting community. This has boosted the adoption of crypto in seamless transactions through receiving remittances and micropayments from abroad and home.


The mission of this project is provide comprehensive education and knowledge on blockchain technology and as well empowering developers to transition to web3 and to utilize blockchain technology to solve the existing problems in traditional finance.


The goal of the project is to empower the developer community, onboard curious and passionate developers and help them to transition to transition web3 utilizing IOTEX to learn, solve and build solutions to challenges in traditional financial industry.

The purpose of this project is educate and engage community on the potential of blockchain technology and provide learning platforms and pathways development and leveraging IoTeX. we believe blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize various industries and society as well.

To foster a community of knowledgeable and actively involved with this technology

Road Map

The road map will include community meetups and outreach, technical workshops, University relations and Code sessions.

We aim to have good numbers on developer events or workshops ranging from 20………40 and 50….100 attendees for community events.

The target audience will be general and developer community ie developers from existing web3 communities, web2 communities and University Clubs.

Breakdown of 3 Miles

The first milestone will include two meetups ie community and developer workshop.

The second milestone will also include two developer workshops.

The last milestone will focus on general community meetup, developer workshop and code session /ideathon.

These meetups will happen in various regions and different venues with the region.

First Milestone

We will kick start this milestone with general community and university outreach exploring the general IoTex ecosystem and sourcing developers who passionate about building and contributing.

This will also involve career hosting information or AMA sessions to give a clear overview to students and what IoTex is .

We will host a workshop to onboard devs and explore developer documentation with hands on experience

Second Milestone .

We will organize and hold two technical workshops on decentralized applications that can solve challenges associated with traditional finance and primary focus on the getting new devs upto speed quickly by exploring developer docs at beginner level.

Third Milestone.

We will organize technical workshop to onboard second cohort of developers and providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to help them get started.

Lastly there will be a mini hackathon or ideathon and during these miles there will be translation of major publications for better community outreach.

Deliverables and Success Criteria

Contact information collected {emails}

Feedback from the in person events collected.

Photos and Videos.

Number of devs getting started

In general, we shall use both quantitative and qualitative metrics to determine the success of this project.

Team Members;
Niwamanya Martin .

Am blockchain educationist majoring in community education about blockchain technology.

Elias Hezron

He is blockchain developer ,founder shukuru wallet and co found at Blockbuch and web3 evangelist as well.

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