IoTeX Delegate of the Month (DOTM) β€” July 2019 [Re-Vote]

As we shared in our latest post, IoTeX is launching the Delegate Badges Program to make Delegate contributions, achievements, and commitments more transparent to the IoTeX community. In this blog, we share details on the Delegate of the Month (DOTM) badge.

:rotating_light: Update (July 30): Re-voting via smart contract

  1. To ensure decentralization and transparency in Delegate of the Month (DOTM) voting, we will do be voting via smart contract. For anyone that voted via Google/WeChat form, please re-vote starting Fri, August 2.

  2. All Delegates are now welcome to submit DOTM applications and establish themselves as a DOTM candidate (voluntary, not mandatory). Note: the former β€œshortlist” will be considered as the initial set of applicants.

Updated Timeline:

  • Now β€” Fri, August 2, 10am PT: Delegates submit DOTM applications; new DOTM candidates blog will be posted via Medium on Friday
  • Fri, August 2 β€” Wed, August 7: voting via smart contract is open via

The five DOTM winners will be announced on Wednesday, August 7.

Official Rules:

  • Any Delegate may submit an application to be on the DOTM ballot (see next section for instructions).
  • All IoTeX Voters are eligible to vote for DOTM at
  • Each IoTeX Wallet can vote for 3 DOTM candidates. DOTM voting is not stake-weighted; 1 Wallet = 3 total votes for 3 different candidates)
  • Note: any signs of voting manipulation by Delegates will result in permanent ban from the DOTM program!

DOTM Applications for Delegates

To apply for DOTM, Delegates must submit the following MANDATORY info to the #contributions thread in the Delegate Discord :

  • List your TOP contributions (max 5 items) + one sentence description
  • Provide links as proof of your contributions (e.g., Twitter, Medium)
  • Include summary of your monthly activities (optional, max 100 words)

If you were on the original DOTM shortlist, you don’t need to re-apply.

Next Steps

The top 5 voted Delegates will be named DOTM. Each DOTM will get 5 million votes from IoTeX Foundation, a permanent DOTM badge, and top placement on!

We thank you for your patience and support as we ensure the IoTeX Delegates Program remains decentralized β€” please reach out with any questions in the IoTeX Telegram Group!

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