IoTeX Delegate Showcase — iotxplorer launches their first product

Although the IoTeX mainnet just launched this week, many of our delegates have been working hard in the background for weeks preparing for launch day. One of these delegates is iotxplorer!

First introduced to the community as a delegate here, iotxplorer is founded by one of our earliest brand ambassadors and this week they celebrate the completion of their first product — the iotxplorer block explorer .


Their block explorer provides useful information on all actions, blocks, and contract executions on the IoTeX network and serves as an alternative to iotexscan. Some innovations include keeping track of the current delegate producer by name, generating unique, deterministic avatars associated with each IoTeX address, and including a member’s portal for their voters to track rewards history. Following this release, iotxplorer will continue the development of the website while expanding its scope according to their key goal of always adding value.


As well as adding value and providing utility, iotxplorer’s other two goals are to legitimize cryptocurrency through education and to show integrity by providing transparency to their voters as a delegate. As well as the block explorer, the iotxplorer website hosts an open-source documentation page dubbed ‘’, where they host links, videos, and guides about IoTeX and crypto. It is a great resource for newcomers to learn everything they need about IoTeX in one place and provides in depth guides and explanations for those a little more entrenched, such as developers or prospective delegates. If you have any content you think should be on there but isn’t already, feel free to contribute!


As mentioned, the iotxplorer dashboard is a great place for their voters to visit and track their rewards history. They have useful charts to see how rewards have varied over time, and also include an estimated ROI calculation based on the live state of the network election contract. To go a step further they have a helpful robot tweeting from @iotxplorer_bot which sends out a tweet every time their rewards engine has run and successfully distributed rewards. This enables anybody to back-check rewards sent with what the bot says and what iotxplorer promises to distribute, ensuring everybody is always on the same page.

What’s next?

For our delegates, they can never do too much to help the IoTeX community! According to the founder, the next steps for iotxplorer are as follows:

  1. Launch a DApp on the network based on their auto-rewards tool which they presented to fellow delegates during mainnet rehearsal orientation call #2
  2. Launch guidance on iotxplorer education on how to write and launch IoTeX DApps, based on #1
  3. Work with fellow delegate IoTask to bring Ledger Wallet support to IoTeX

Seeing our early delegates already doing so much to push us further as a community is wonderful to see — long may it continue! Congratulations to iotxplorer and their voters for a great start.

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