IoTeX Faucet for Mainnet & Testnet Tokens

Introduction to IoTeX Faucet

A faucet is a web-tool that helps distribute small amounts of cryptocurrency to users. This is especially helpful for new users that are looking to get started with IoTeX and require IOTX (Mainnet) and IOTX-T (Testnet) tokens.

With the IoTeX Faucet, you are eligible to receive 10 IOTX and 1,000 IOTX-T (Testnet). To prevent spam, we require users to login via their Github account. Each Github account can make only one request for IOTX and one request for IOTX-T.

How to Use IoTeX Faucet

Anyone can use the IoTeX Faucet to obtain both IOTX (Mainnet) and IOTX-T (Testnet) by visiting and following the instructions below:

  1. To prevent spam, the Faucet requires a Github login. If you don’t have a Github account, create one here. Click “Login with Github” to proceed.

  2. Authorize the IoTeX Faucet website to verify your Github account. Note: permissions are set to read-only – your data is secure and only used for verification.

  3. Enter the address you wish to receive the tokens, as well as what type of tokens you are requesting (Mainnet or Testnet). Click submit after you have completed both fields.

  4. That’s it! You will receive a transaction hash and the address you entered will be credited with 10 IOTX and/or 1,000 IOTX-T.

Now that you have IOTX, go explore the possibilities of the IoTeX Network!


Is it a one-time use faucet or we can claim every certain minutes??

Great done! I saw many crypto channels already spread this information! :+1: popularity is growing!