IoTeX Joins the Trusted IoT Alliance

IoTeX is proud to join the Trusted IoT Alliance , a consortium of blockchain technology companies and enterprises (e.g., Bosch, Cisco, Gemalto) focused on leveraging blockchain infrastructure to secure and scale IoT ecosystems. Founded in 2016, the alliance and its members collaborate on shared obstacles in the intersection of blockchain and IoT, such as interoperability, reference architectures, smart contract design, and protocol primitives (e.g., transactions, wallet, authorization). Furthermore, the alliance also develops shared educational and marketing content to draw attention to the current status and future opportunities in blockchain and IoT.

“The Trusted IoT Alliance includes innovative startups and enterprises at the forefront of blockchain and IoT,” says Zaki Manian, Executive Director of the Trusted IoT Alliance. “Our newest alliance member, IoTeX, brings valuable academic and industry experience, as well as deep expertise in infrastructure security and data privacy — we are excited to have them on board.”

The alliance meets in-person on a quarterly basis and is currently developing several industrial proofs of concept, to which IoTeX will contribute technical and academic expertise and resources. At the latest Trusted IoT Alliance summit in San Carlos, CA on September 5th, IoTeX’s Xinxin Fan and Larry Pang delivered a keynote speech on the IoT platform landscape and networked with representatives from the blockchain and IoT communities.

Larry Pang, IoTeX’s Head of Business Development, speaks at the Trusted IoT Alliance Fall Summit

Trusted IoT Alliance members networking session

Over the coming months, IoTeX will work alongside other alliance members to drive standards development for IoT use cases, expand on reference architectures, develop various proofs of concept, and iterate on thought leadership. Stay tuned to IoTeX’s official channels for periodic updates on our progress and contributions, and also be sure to follow the official Trusted IoT Alliance Twitter and Medium.