Iotex mining using pebble tracker

Can I buy pebble tracker and start mining Iotex?
Is it possible? How much rewards I can get ?
Developers please throw some light on this.

Yes . If mining is possible then let us know how to start and setup as well .

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Hi @ganeshgago @azar_011087, good questions :wink:

Pebble Tracker provides the hardware foundations to connect blockchain applications to real world data and events by adding trust and verifiability to the data it collects. Once this “verifiable” data is available any blockchain application can “ingest it” to build his specific IoT decentralized service with the associated tokenomics, allowing you to “mine” your data by providing it to the dapp and receive back their specific token. What token you will receive and according to what rules this depends on the specific tokenomics of the dapp that you will join with your data.

So stay tuned to the ecosystem announcements on twitter and Telegram: new exciting IoTeX dapp are being developed that are based on verifiable data like provided by Pebble Tracker!


Hello! I just pre-ordered a Pebble Tracker (although it seems that it won’t be delivered until October).

Anyways, I’m wondering if the Pebble Go project is still in development?

I’m also excited to see some other projects using Pebble Tracker (Scaleout, etc.).

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Hi, thank you for your support to the Pebble project!
Yes, Pebble go is definitely still in development, additionally we will soon release more docs for developers who want to make use of Pebble trusted data to make it possible for new Dapps to be created easily


Thank you! I appreciate it!

Hi Zimne,
Reading from the questions and answers, it is not clear yet whether Pebble Tracker will be used to mine IoTex, If so, please explain a little more if possible. I am new to this but I belive in the project and have bought and holding IoTex since it was less than $0.02 and would like to invest more by buying few trackers and install them in different places and cities.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi, currently there is no project that supports mining IOTX from Pebble Trackers. Whether it will be available in the future we can’t tell at this moment.

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Thanks for your reply. Another question, What is the purpose of these devices? My apologies, but I have checked and read a lot about the project but I want to understand more about these devices. Thanks!

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As this is still a research field, you will not find extensive documentation. By now, I can only refer you to our and to what is on our website

The core concept anyway, is that Dapps that want to make use of real world data, cannot do it at this time. Imagine a smart contract that is supposed to trigger some serious payments or give start to an industrial workflow based on some event that happened in the real world: how can the smart contract “trust” that the event actually happened? Even receiving the data from a sensor, how can the contract trust that data is coming from that sensor, and that it has not been manipulated along its way from the sensor to the smart contract?

A smart contract can work easily with blockchain entities (i.e. transfer funds when a certain transaction is made, or when a certain balance is reached, or when a certain smart contract is in a specific state, etc) because these entities are verified by the blockchain consensus, this is not true anymore with data that reaches the contract “from the real world”.

These devices, like Pebble tracker, together with a specific prototcol and the IoTeX blockchain
, ultimately, make this possible. Such that new Dapps can be created that can react to real world “facts”, even “tokenize” and trade those “facts”, with trust and verifiability (without third parties involved).

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Hi, I have read that the meta pebble wont work without the pebble NFT which has been given to the early believers.
Do you think it is worth ordering à mera pebble without havind this NFT?