Iotex mining using pebble tracker

Can I buy pebble tracker and start mining Iotex?
Is it possible? How much rewards I can get ?
Developers please throw some light on this.

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Yes . If mining is possible then let us know how to start and setup as well .

Hi @ganeshgago @azar_011087, good questions :wink:

Pebble Tracker provides the hardware foundations to connect blockchain applications to real world data and events by adding trust and verifiability to the data it collects. Once this “verifiable” data is available any blockchain application can “ingest it” to build his specific IoT decentralized service with the associated tokenomics, allowing you to “mine” your data by providing it to the dapp and receive back their specific token. What token you will receive and according to what rules this depends on the specific tokenomics of the dapp that you will join with your data.

So stay tuned to the ecosystem announcements on twitter and Telegram: new exciting IoTeX dapp are being developed that are based on verifiable data like provided by Pebble Tracker!

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