Iotex on coinbase to native

All the transfering stuff is too complicated for me. Will coinbase automatically transfer our iotex-e to the native ones eventually themselves?

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This has been going on for a couple of weeks now and so far there is no solution. There are people who have sent numerous emails to Coinbase but they don’t seem to wanna do anything about it. We created a Change dot org petitions so that Coinbase will enable IOTX native coins so that we can retrieve them. And some of us have even filed complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Unfortunately, no solution yet.


What about going from CB to iotex pay? That’s how I lost mine.

I’m assuming that you had the ERC20 version of IOTX tokens and when you sent them to the ioPay wallet you couldn’t see the tokens.

If that’s the case then your issue is easier to fix. According to a post by @zimne in one of these forums all you have to do is use another wallet like MetaMask and when you are creating the wallet instead of creating a new wallet you import the ioPay wallet. Since you own the ioPay wallet and you manage it, you go into your settings and copy your private key. When you are in the MetaMask app first make sure that you are using the Ethereum network. If you are not sure do not proceed because the same thing will happen and you’ll misplace your tokens again. Once you’re sure you are on the Ethereum network then create a wallet but instead of creating a new wallet, import a wallet and the app will ask you for the private key that you got from the ioPay wallet. Input the private key and follow the rest of the instructions and once the Wallet is created you should be able to see your IOTX tokens. Keep in mind that they will remain in ERC20 format.

From there you can either keep them in the MetaMask wallet or send them back to Coinbase if you want to sell them. But if you were sending them to the ioPay wallet so you could stake them, then first you have to convert them to the native coins the a Dapp called ioTube. You can find instructions within this forums how to do it or just send a message to @zimne . I’m sure he’ll be glad to help. I haven’t done it myself or I would help you with that as well.

Good luck

Whew! I can’t believe I actually pulled this off! Been trying since I first read this a few hours ago :joy:. Thank you again!

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You’re welcome! But you just confirmed something for me. If you can get your coins back, so can we. Coinbase just needs to help.

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I hope you get yours back too!!!

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We will. It’s just gonna take a while longer and thanks to you posting that picture now I can argue with Coinbase that it’s not impossible for them to help us. They can either provide us with the private keys to their wallets which is what they are defending or they can go in the wallets them selves and send them to us.

Glad I could help out!

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Hello to all,

This is an issue that arised due to coinbase unexpectedly listing the IOTX Erc20 token on Ethereum. That token was almost entirely burned during mainnet release (they should have listed the native IOTX, or at least a cross-chain Erc20 token of IOTX, CIOTX), and eventually they ended up in an isolated market that absorbed all the IOTX-E in circulation, and the price rised as a consequence (though nobody can actually go there and sell).

Do you know if Coinbase will eventually start supporting the IOTX native coin? Should we not lose hope of ever seeing our coins again?